About Information
About Information

Hello! I’m Christian Gustavsson and I’m a third-year engineering student in the master’s degree program in applied physics and electrical engineering. Besides that, I’m also involved in the campus community at LiU and running or giving advice to a number of fantastic companies and entrepreneurs.

  • Residence: Linköping, Sweden
  • Phone: +46 702 19 05 97
  • E-mail: christian@hgab.io
Active commitments
Member of the Board - XAMERA AB

Xamera is the bridge between the social student life and delivery requirements on the labour market. We make sure that young engineers and students within IT and technology get’s the right job from the beginning.

2019 - present
Senior Advisor - Infranode

Infranode invests retirement capital in responsible infrastructure within the Nordic countries. Infranode owns and develop assets in energy, transportation, telecom and community real estate, all with a long-term horizon.

2011 - present
Chairman, deputy chairman - AB Östgötatrafiken

The regional public transport authority. Strategic movement towards an increased customer orientation through a better technical platform.

More experience...

For a complete resume, please visit my Linkedin-profile.

2018 - present
Linköping University

3rd year student at Master of Science program in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering.

1994 - 1997
Ebersteinska gymnasiet

Natural Science Program, with an orientation towards chemical engineering.


Courses and previous experience in Python, C, C++, C#, SQL, Matlab, Assembler.


Knowledge in electronic circuits and computer science.


Wide range in theoretical and applied mathematics.

Public speaking

Experience within communications, public relations and public speaking.


+20 years in leading roles within local, regional and national politics. Now using the experience in representing my fellow students.

Public affairs

Experience in supporting businesses in understanding and cooperating with public sector organisations.

Student community
  • Member of the Student Union Council 2021-2022
  • Speaker of the Student Union Council 2019-2021
  • Deputy chairman of Y-sektionen Student Educational Committee 2019-2021

Running, lifting, biking. When moving daily I’m on my best behavior.


Spending a few hours playing Civilization is a great way to unwind.


Trying to perform better then index in the really, really long run.